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We know when it's community! 

EKPC mission is to ensure equality, inclusion and involvement of all members of key population, whatever their economic, social, cultural, civic and political views, believes and characteristics are, into mainstream society by empowering and providing them direct legal, social, psychological, healthcare services, promoting community strategies in dialogue and in partnership with civil society and government.


EKPC External Vision is a society that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all members of key population groups freed from any form of discrimination and stigma, where we in all our diversity, are respected and have equal opportunities to enjoy human rights and human dignity with free access to public health services.


EKPC Internal Visions are that

  • we are a powerful force in meeting common challenges and opportunities for all members of key population groups;
  • we are visible and respected organization at national, regional and international levels, with the experienced and professional staff and volunteers providing high-quality services are that.


EKPC Values

·Diligence and a professional approach to the organization’s mission and goals

·High-quality services and support through individual approach

·Partnership development in all areas of the organization’s activities

·Democratic and transparent decision-making process

·Human rights




·Sustainability and acting in an environmentally friendly way.

·Innovation and excellence 


EKPC Goals

  • Equity - EKPC works collaboratively through partnerships to address disparities experienced by communities which are further marginalized by oppression such as racism, sexism, ableism and classism. EKPC works toward increasing access, equity and inclusion, supports and social services.
  • Networking - through the exchange of information, resources and opportunities for collaboration, EKPC strives to create and sustain an accessible, inclusive network of volunteers committed to promoting health, equality, human rights and wellness for people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.
  • Education - EKPC acts as a resource to health, social, legal, psychological, recreation, business and other type service providers, community groups, researchers and academics. Through a variety of initiatives, public education resources are produced and made available, along with providing education and training to service providers and other professionals.
  • Advocacy - EKPC advocates with government, agencies and the public on initiatives regarding Sexual and Gender diversity needs, strengths and priorities of communities.